A painting of trees and rocks in the water

After experimenting with oil and acrylic, I found my true affinity is with transparent watercolor. I love its spontaneity, its freedom of flow, the surprises, and the challenge to master or at least control the independence of its gentle yet willful nature. I do still lifes now and then, but I am particularly attracted to landscapes. Color and light are the elements that strike my sensuous core. Watercolor seems to best capture for me the vibrancy and translucence of sky, earth, water, and all that grows and travels therein. I may know where I want to go, but how to get there is always an adventure.

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For inquiries about or purchase of available works, please contact [email protected]. Should you be particularly interested in a picture that has sold, another can be painted for you. As an original, it will vary slightly in minor details but will be essentially the same, maybe even better.

I can also offer fine art prints and giclées in customized sizes.

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