My subjects come primarily from travel. I work mainly from photos, but I do not render exact representations. Rather, I select elements from various shots to create my own composition. I then do charcoal or graphite value studies until I feel familiar enough with my material to paint. The palette I use depends as much on how I feel about the subject as on how it was "realistically" presented.

Although I live and work in Santa Fe, I am not specifically a Santa Fean or New Mexican artist; I like to range far and wide. Both sides of my family, however, are originally from Arizona--Northern and Southern. I spent my formative years in the Southwest and have many relatives still in the region. So I feel I am back home--only with the cultural advantages and influences of New York and San Francisco, both of which I lived near for several years.

My paintings are transparent watercolors unless otherwise indicated. All images are matted; most are framed. Dimensions given are for the image, excluding mat and frame, height by width. Enlargements of painting images can be emailed to interested parties upon request to [email protected].