Frida Kahlo Garden

A painting of a plant with orange flowers

Aloe​ (Gouache) 16" x 12"

A painting of a cactus with pink flowers.

Barrel Cactus and Pachycereus
(Gouache) 14" x 10"  SOLD

A painting of four cactus plants on the ground.

Barrel Cactus after Rain​ (Gouache) 11" x 13"

A painting of two cactus plants on the ground

Barrel Cactus
(Gouache) 14" x 12"

A plant with white flowers growing in the middle of it.

Cholla​ (Gouache) 12" x 9"

A close up of the flower of a plant

Yucca with Bird
(Gouache) 14" x 10" SOLD

A painting of three trees in the desert

Yucca​ (Gouache) 13" x 10"

A painting of purple flowers on a blue background

Prickly Pear (Gouache)
11" x 13" SOLD